Have questions about California guard cards?

In total a Guard Card Will cost you a grand total of roughly $125
The breakdown is as such
$25 for 8 hr class(Power to Arrest and WMD)
$51 BSIS Application Fee (Paid to BSIS directly)
$49 DOJ and FBI Fingerprinting Check (Paid to the LiveScan Operator)

This is an electronic system for scanning fingerprints, automated background checks and live responses. LiveScan is required for Guard Card and Firearm Permit Applications.

No. Working as a security guard before your Guard Card has been issued is illegal. Once your Guard Card has been approved you can print the approval from the BSIS Website. This can act as a temporary card to show your employer while it’s on the way.

While online applications are faster, some people have gotten their card in as little as two weeks, others have taken as long as four months. The time it takes to finish the application process can very but the current listing from BSIS states that it can take up to four months.

Maybe. There are a lot of variables at play and unfortunately only the BSIS can answer that question. If you want more information on this topic you should contact the BSIS directly.

2420 Del Paso Road, Suite 270
Sacramento CA 95834
(916) 322-4000

Unfortunately no. Passing the course does not guarantee that you get your guard card.

18 Is the minimum age requirement in order to receive your Guard Card.

Security Guard registration is valid for two years.

No. Unfortunately your Guard Card is only valid for the issuing state.

Absolutely! Section 832 Training is not accepted by BSIS and can’t be used as a substitute for course training

8 Hours, Not including a short break for lunch.

The only passing score for your Guard Card is 100%. You can’t miss a single question. Fortunately though you can retake the test if you fail. It’s also an open book and open note exam!

No. Handcuffing, Defensive Tactics, and proper search techniques are not learned in this class. Guard Card classes are an overview of the powers to arrest. It does not provide practical training in how to physically arrest a suspect.

Yes. It is required that provide a current, government issued, picture ID in order for us to release your Guard Card Application to you. This is a requirement set forth by BSIS Regulation and state law.